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Common Types of Ghost/Spirit Manifestations


Earthbound Spirit - Typically called a ghost. This is a spirit that has exercised their freedom of choice to not move on to the spirit world after the physical death of their body. A spirit may decide to remain in the physical realm for a number of reasons. The most common is unfinished business is one of the major reasons. Others include: 1. Remaining behind to protect someone they were very close to. 2. Fear of punishment because they feel guilty about certain things they did while they were alive. 3. Confusion - this sometimes happens with people who have very sudden, unexpected deaths, or those who die in tragic accidents. There are many more reasons, far too numerous to list.  There is always help available in the spirit world for Earthbound Spirits. It's also possible for people with psychic abilities to communicate with Earthbound Spirits and help them to understand that it is in their best interest to move on to the spirit world where they can continue their journey in peace and love.


Residual Memory - or a Memory Remnant - These are not spirits, but this phenomenon is when highly charged energy is recorded in the environment. This can be of a very pleasant event, or a very tragic/negative event.  People with psychic sensitivities usually react to these residual recorded memories with a response that is appropriate to the type of energy that was recorded. For example a negative event will elicit an ill feeling in a psychic sensitive, while a happy event will make them feel emotionally charged and positive.  It is also possible for anyone to see a Residual Memory play out right in front of their eyes.  These Residual Memories are often mistaken for a haunting. One of the best ways to tell the difference is very simple.  If the event playing out is repetitive, and it is impossible to interact with the event that is playing out, then it is most likely a Residual Memory.  Residual Memories cannot be destroyed, they will eventually transform as all energy does.  They can be charged and strengthened if someone reacts with forceful energy while encountering them.


Poltergeist - Just about everyone has heard about this type of "noisy ghost". Actually, this type of haunting is not typically an Earthbound Spirit, it can often be a spirit that has never inhabited the Earth physical realm.  Sometimes a Poltergeist is invited as an unfortunate contact with the spirit world. Sometimes this happens when people experiment (all in good fun) with Ouija Boards, or hold Sťances when they are not aware of the danger they are inviting in.  A Poltergeist can attach itself to a person or a family and cause untold grief by causing objects to fly about, and reeking havoc in their homes. These spirits can be dangerous and if you are being tormented by one, you should seek spiritual advice from paranormal professionals. 


Demonic Entity - In a universe where there is good, there is also bad. Where there is angels of light, there are also spirits of darkness, whose only goal is to cause as much harm as possible in the physical realm. These entities are the way they are by their own choice.  Every spirit has complete freedom of choice to become the masters of their own destiny. It is unfortunate to think that a spirit would chose this dark path; however, it's a sad reality that some do.  A Demonic Entity can reek the same type of mischief as the Poltergeist; however, it is far more personal and horrifying.  A Demonic Entity can attach itself to a place or a person and cause devastating things to occur. You should never try to battle a Demonic Entity alone, but you should seek the advice of paranormal professionals. Often the remedy for Demonic Entities is a Church-Sanctioned exorcism. 


Spiritual Vortex - Fortunately this is not very common. It can be caused by a high concentration of like-minded spirits that have banded together by their own choice and manifested in a physical location.  Like energy attracts, and this holds true in the spirit world as well. You've heard the expression, "Birds of a feather, flock together," the same holds true of the energy frequencies of spirits. A Vortex can be either positive or negative, depending on the energy of the group of associated spirits.  A Vortex can illicit strange responses from physical beings by causing confusion, rapid mood swings and other strange behavior.  If you photograph a Vortex it is not at all uncommon to get hundreds, and even thousands of orbs in a single photograph.  Again, this type of manifestation is best handled by paranormal professionals. 


Seek Help - If you think your life is being affected by a spirit, especially  one of the last three types listed above.