W & W Paranormal Investigations

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This book chronicles the adventures of Brian and Todd as they undertake a variety of paranormal investigations. Brian is a Native American and his ancestors give him help with an amulet known as the Spirit Stone. They use the stone to help in investigations that are connected to a set of prophecies. With the help of the prophecies, their spirit guides and visits from an occasion ET they delve headfirst into the world of the paranormal. However, the adventure goes beyond a typical paranormal story by intricately lacing together the paranormal with spirituality and even ET's. Overall, the characters are well rounded and the story is well written. It is a fun read that will leave you wanting for more. – Alton Deaton



“The Chronicles of Gray Wolf – The Legacy of the Spirit Stone” by J. David Michaels is a highly compelling, well written book. The story captures the very essence of spirituality, showing us how choices made in our lives determine the path we take. You are completely drawn into the story from the author’s ethereal words, causing you to envision the places he takes you in your mind. The diverse characters lend a certain familiarity to people you feel like you’ve always known. Through them, you see how each of us helps one another to face diversity as well as achievement. Once you start reading, it is difficult to put the book down, there is always something more to find, something more to fulfill your soul. This is a story you will definitely remember as you continue to learn lessons until the end.  – Sheila Roop


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