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A Message To Native Americans


The Foreword from my novel pretty much says it all.  I have Native American ancestry and I understand the unique challenges that people of Native American ancestry face.  I remember the painful racial slurs that I endured at the hands of my fellow school students once they discovered that I had Native American relatives.  I didnít allow this persecution to make me a bitter person. It taught me the toughest lesson of all: to understand and accept those who are different, and come from varied heritages. While I am not full-blooded Native American, I can feel my Native American heritage in my heart. I donít feel any need to prove my ancestry to anyone; nor am I ashamed in any way of my Native American relatives. Actually, I love and admire them as wonderfully gifted, deeply spiritual people.

My novel, The Chronicles of Gray Wolf - The Legacy of the Spirit Stone is a work of fantasy/fiction. Writing this novel allowed me to give free reign to my imagination and I greatly enjoyed writing it.  Let it never be said that just because someone has Native American ancestry that they cannot have a vivid imagination!   

The main character, Brian, is Ĺ Native American, and he embraces his Native American relatives fully. Although his character is fictional, it allows a teenager with partial Native American heritage to be a selfless hero. In this day and age, we need all the good examples and role models that we can get.  Sometimes, even fictional characters can have a great impact on our world.    


All human beings share an awesome task in life; we must give birth to ourselves.  This process defines our spirit, empowering us to learn, grow, and love.  Each of us will encounter spiritual crossroads in our everyday lives. The choices we make at these spiritual crossroads enlighten or darken our spirit.  To become children of the Light we must let unconditional love be our guide at these crossroads.  We do not travel the pathway alone therefore we should allow others to journey with us in peace, acceptance and dignity. As we weave the magnificent tapestry of the universe we must realize that no single thread is unimportant. Guided by love and the knowledge that all life is sacred, we will be able to embrace the dawn of Light we all so desperately seek.

Dr. J. David Michaels